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Janelle grew-up with a love for organic gardening. “I was one of four kids, and we all helped with the garden. Each of us had our own row of beans and sweet corn we were responsible for weeding and harvesting. In college I had a small container on my townhouse balcony with tomatoes and herbs.” Now that Janelle has her own children, her interest in organic gardening shifted to a responsibility of providing organic food for her family and passing on her love of growing to her children and community. Janelle says, “Years ago I read Kristin Kimball’s book ‘A Dirty Life’ and this quote stuck out to me — ‘Food, a French man told me once, is the first wealth. Grow it right, and you feel insanely rich, no matter what you own.’ I want people who visit my farm, sit at my table and eat my homegrown food, to feel rich, and even more, to feel nourished.”

Janelle currently lives and gardens on her family’s 35 acre farm in Medina, Ohio, where she employs multiple organic and regenerative practices. “My main garden is a 20×30 foot space right next to our house, and I add more garden spaces every year,” she says. “I like to use crop rotation and companion plants to support nutrient absorption, bring pollinators into my garden, and deter large animals like deer and rabbits. I also utilize cover crops in the winter to prevent soil erosion and add nitrogen to the soil.”

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